# About this Text

This online textbook was initially created for use at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, Ca, USA. It is open-source and available to any oen or program per the licensing requirements (below).

The intend of this resource is to provide current, clear, free, and interactive information on the subject matter for the growing and diverse computer science student population.

It is intended to be used for CS 131, Computer Organization, at Allan Hancock College, but was created to be modified to other college-level Computer Organization courses. Is is provided to students as a live web resource that can be easily updated.

It was created under the CC ECHO grant, funded by the US Department of Education

It is licensed under
Creative Commons BY NC 4.0 International License. Creative Commons License

If you have questions, please contact, Mark Kozel (MKozel@HancockCollege.edu) - Math Science - Computer Science - Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, Ca , USA

Details of this resource, the program, grant, and funding can be found using the navigation links on the left

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